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dc is a protocol plugin for WeeChat.

Repository is here: http://git.weechat.org/?p=dc.git

How to build

First you have to get latest version of file "weechat-plugin.h" (from latest version of WeeChat source package). You can use stable or devel version.

Clone the git repository, make a link to "weechat-plugin.h" and compile with cmake:

$ git://git.weechat.org/git/dc.git
$ cd dc
$ ln -s /path/to/weechat/src/plugins/weechat-plugin.h
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/weechat/install
$ make install

Accordingly, the file installed will be: /path/to/weechat/install/lib/weechat/plugins/dc.so


Main hub buffer


Buffer with user's files list


Extended users list





Currently dc uses only one command /dc and many subcommands within it to not interfere with other weechat commands. Some incomplete manual is available inside weechat, use /help dc

Hubs management

To add a hub use

/dc hub add supermegahub a=example.com:411 n=dc_tester c=UTF-8

you may find hub lists in http://www.dchublist.com/ (currently dc plugin can't handle such links, use your hands)

You can check what settings have you done with

/set dc*


To connect a hub use

/dc connect supermegahub

To disconnect

/dc disconnect supermegahub

or just

/dc disconnect

if within hub buffer


To share some dir use

/dc share /some/dir [as supername]

To hash files shared you need to issue

/dc rehash

You may also use command

/dc reshare

it will refresh your file list but does not hash any new files found, so they will be in your files.xml.bz2 but without hash recorded

Downloading lists/files

To download a list from user on hub use

/dc dl supermegahub user

this command will download list and open list buffer for you

To download a file use

/dc dl supermegahub user TTH file_size local_filename

but better if you would use interface provided by list buffer: press alt+enter (generated command will appear on command line), then enter to submit command (inspired by iset script :)

Open buffer with list of users:

/dc userbuf

inside a hub buffer. You can use alt+enter, then enter to download list from selected user