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  • Version 0.3.0 released on 2009-09-06


Version 0.3.0 (codename "revolution") brings major new features:

  • IRC protocol as plugin
  • Relay plugin (under development)
  • smart join/part/quit message filter in IRC plugin
  • many proxies allowed, proxy selection for each IRC server
  • new plugin API with: hooks, buffer management and nicklist, bars, configuration files, network, infos/infolists, lists, upgrade
  • new plugins: alias, demo, fifo, logger, tcl, xfer (with speed limit for DCC send)
  • new scripts: weeget.py (scripts manager), jabber.py (jabber/XMPP protocol), go.py (quick jump to buffers), buffers.pl (sidebar with list of buffers), iset.pl (set options interactively), weetris.pl (tetris-like game), mastermind.pl, ...
  • custom bars with custom items
  • aspell plugin improved: use of many dictionaries, global dictionary, real time checking (optional), fix bugs with utf-8
  • optional backlog for buffers
  • hooks: command, timer, file descriptor, process, connection, print, signal, config, completion, modifier, info, infolist
  • new fast display engine, with a prefix for each line, and tags for lines
  • buffers with free content
  • buffer merging
  • custom filtering by tags or regex
  • layout of buffers and windows automatically saved/restored
  • /reload command to reload WeeChat and plugins configuration files
  • group support in nicklist
  • main loop improved, less CPU usage
  • many other exciting new features!
  • many bugs fixed

Blog about development: http://dev.weechat.org/

GIT commits: http://git.sv.gnu.org/gitweb/?p=weechat.git;a=shortlog, RSS feed: http://git.savannah.gnu.org/gitweb/?p=weechat.git;a=rss

Latest screenshots

WeeChat with custom bars (buffers/uptime), IRC debug buffer on top:
(sample scripts for bars: buffers.pl / uptime.pl)


Bars with new filling (with columns):


WeeChat with WeeTris script (weetris.pl), drawing on buffer with free content:


Interactive set script: (iset.pl)


Get development version


Since 2008-10-26, branch "protocols" should NOT be used any more (it has been merged to master). Please use only master branch in git repository.

If you're using protocols branch, you should switch back to master branch now, using following commands:

git checkout master
git pull
git remote prune origin

With git

You must clone git repository (git >= is recommended):

git clone git://git.sv.gnu.org/weechat.git
cd weechat

Later, when you want to get git repository updates:

git pull

Without git

You can download git snapshot here: http://git.savannah.gnu.org/gitweb/?p=weechat.git;a=snapshot;h=refs/heads/master;sf=tgz


tar xvzf weechat-refs-heads-master.tar.gz

Compile development version

With cmake

cd weechat
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DPREFIX=/where/you/want/install -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
make install

With autotools

cd weechat
./configure --prefix=/where/you/want/install
make install
  • Note 1: plugin "trigger" is not working today, so it is disabled by default, and you should NOT enable it.
  • Note 2: it's recommended to compile with debug info, so a crash or problem will be easier to report to developers. You should also enable core files (for bash shell, add "ulimit -c unlimited" to your ~/.bashrc)

Missing features

Here's a list of missing features that were temporarily removed (please don't open bug for that, they'll be added ASAP):

  • key to jump to next server


Scripts for WeeChat <= 0.2.6 are NOT (and will NOT be) compatible with this development version. New scripts are available for new API, at this URL: http://www.weechat.org/scripts

See WeeChat_0.3.0_API for changes between old and new API.

Beta testers: you're welcome!

You want to help us by testing this version? You're welcome! Just follow instructions below.

  • Please submit bugs for this version on WeeChat bugs page (on savannah), using release "dev" (only if this bug is only in dev version and not in stable v0.2.6).
  • Report any suggestion to FlashCode (IRC or mail).
  • Some important features are missing in this version (please read "Missing features" above). If you don't know if it's a bug or temporary removal of feature, then ask to FlashCode.
  • Daily changes are listed at the end of this page, please consult this table if you have a strange behaviour after upgrade of development version.
  • The following table shows what you can test, and provides some info about each component (what is done/is not done):
What? Needed Info
Display yes Ready, please test display and scroll in buffers.
Bars yes Ready.
IRC plugin yes Some minor features are still missing (see list above).
jabber plugin yes Only basic features are developed: display of buddy list and chat with buddies. Nothing else today.
alias plugin yes Ready.
aspell plugin yes Ready.
charset plugin yes Ready, should work with IRC plugin, that calls charset for decoding/encoding messages.
fifo plugin yes Ready, should work with IRC plugin.
logger plugin yes Ready, new file format for logs: new default timestamp, and use of tabulation between prefix and message.
relay plugin not yet Under development!
trigger plugin no Plugin removed. It is possible to rewrite it as script.
perl plugin yes Ready, see below (new plugin API).
python plugin yes Ready, see below (new plugin API).
ruby plugin yes Ready, see below (new plugin API).
lua plugin yes Ready, see below (new plugin API).
tcl plugin yes Ready, new plugin, beta testers needed!
xfer plugin yes Ready, used by DCC to transfert file and make direct chats, thru DCC protocol (/dcc command).

It's recommended to use another WeeChat home for testing this version:

/path/to/weechat-curses --dir /tmp/weechat

This version creates these config files:

  • alias.conf
  • aspell.conf
  • charset.conf
  • irc.conf
  • jabber.conf
  • plugins.conf
  • relay.conf
  • weechat.conf
  • xfer.conf

Log file format (<weechatdir>/.weechat/logs/*) has changed in this version.

Changes in development version (for beta testers)

This table lists changes in development version that need user action to be fixed (commonly after /upgrade):

Date Commit Problem Action required
15/03/2009 [1] Missing timestamps for lines in buffers Do this command on each buffer:
/buffer set time_for_each_line 1
26/03/2009 [2] Missing away status in status bar /bar del input
07/04/2009 [3] Alt+s (switch server) does not work Add new default keys with:
/key missing
11/04/2009 [4] Nick completion does not work Set new default completion template:
/unset weechat.completion.default_template
(old completion codes like "%n" are replaced by names like "%(nicks)")
24/04/2009 [5] Notify level for buffers are gone Notify levels were in notify.conf file (not used any more),
you can manually copy content of [buffer] section in notify.conf
to [notify] section in weechat.conf, then do:
And you can delete notify* files in your plugins dir
(this plugin is now obsolete and should not be used)
02/05/2009 [6] Errors in all scripts New argument "data" has been added to script API for all callbacks.
Update your scripts to last version.
12/05/2009 [7] Option weechat.look.jump_current_to_previous_buffer does not work any more Default keys alt-1 to alt-0 have been modified.
Update your keys in weechat.conf, add "*" before number.
For example, following line:
meta-1 = "/buffer 1"
meta-1 = "/buffer *1"
Then you can reload config if WeeChat is running:
/reload weechat
18/05/2009 [8] Key alt-j + alt-p (jump to previous buffer) does not work any more This key has been removed.
It is replaced by alt+'<' and alt+'>' (move in visited buffers list).
First remove old key:
/key unbind meta-jmeta-p
Then add missing keys:
/key missing
10/06/2009 [9] Key alt-s (switch server) does not work any more This key has been removed.
With new buffer merge feature, you must now use ctrl+x
If key is missing:
/key missing
WARNING: /upgrade from a previous devel version is not possible
to reach this version or any future version