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This is based on: http://forums.flashtux.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=78

Weechat compiles fine under cygwin, provided you install the latest TCL from http://cygwinports.org/

If you are running weechat <= 0.3.5 you also need to apply this small bugfix to the source code of weechat:

Open weechat/cmake/FindNcurses.cmake in a text editor and change line 23 from:

PATHS /usr/include /usr/local/include /usr/pkg/include


PATHS /usr/include/ncursesw /usr/include /usr/local/include /usr/pkg/include

(so you are just adding /usr/include/ncursesw to the paths)


See http://www.weechat.org/files/cygwin/

Note: the "tcl" plugin is not compiled in this package.

Known bugs

Status on 2011-09-24:

  • Plugins status:
    • All plugins are working properly